My First Escort Experience, Lady mid 40’s

I am a woman in my mid 40’s, whom for personal reasons decided to hire an escort. This was my first escort experience and I approached it with some trepidation. I spent months trawling the internet, making contact with, and even meeting a few escorts along the way that just weren’t for me. It’s quite an interesting experience, and if you are reading this I can only presume you are considering doing the same. So please read on and let me share my experience with you.

Firstly, there are many websites you may visit but I found, to be the most useful as it only lists men. Most other sites tend to focus on promoting female escorts. There are many issues that I considered; discretion; personal safety; respect of sexual boundaries; physical attraction; mental magnetism; spiritual connection; safe sex; and most importantly being comfortable enough to really let go and enjoy the experience. Whilst all these factors contributed in selecting an escort, my final decision was instinctual, what some would say a ‘gut-feel’. I selected a gentleman that made me feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. A man that took the time to get to know me and therefore understood my physical desires and emotional needs.

My escort was Eric. Eric was generous with his time and I was able to meet him twice prior to booking. I found Eric to be an intelligent, intriguing and attractive man with a gentle soul. At our first meeting I knew he was the escort for me. He was easy to be with and I found myself opening up about the state of my current relationship. He listened without judgement, and I was able to share with this complete stranger facets of my life that I couldn’t tell my closest friends.

We built a nice rapport that continued through email, and I was able to clarify an issue before making a booking. My concern was BDSM. If you read Eric’s website or look at his twitter accounts you’ll know that he enjoys BDSM. I had never experienced anything like that and I was seeking a more regular what some would say ‘vanilla’ experience. We talked about this and he reassured me that this was about me and what I wanted. He gently encouraged me to share my fantasies to ensure I had the experience I was seeking. Sharing my fantasies was the beginning of a sexual awakening for me. I’m so grateful that Eric understood that this was new for me and let me open up at my own pace.

The day arrived and I was and nervously excited. I spent a long time deciding what to wear, especially what colour underwear, my breasts have a nice line in my black bra but the burgundy red makes me feel sexy. I opted for black. I arrived at our meeting place, and immediately downed a glass of wine. Eric was punctual and when he arrived I had butterflies in my stomach. He came in and I poured him a glass of wine, he put some music on and we sat on the bed and started talking. He put his arm around me. I felt relaxed and at no time any pressure.

At some point we started kissing. His kisses were soft and gentle at first and they became more intense and passionate. While we were kissing Eric sensually ran his hands all over my body paying attention to my breasts and inner thigh area. I was becoming aroused. We were now lying on the bed, and he moved to the lower half of my body kissing my legs, sliding up my dress and working his way up towards my pussy. He kissed around my underwear, occasionally sliding his tongue inside. I was getting more and more aroused. He took off my pants and then proceeded to pleasure me orally. I had never felt such exquisite pleasure and with his tongue expertly exploring my clitoris I climaxed intensely. It was bliss!

He then proceeded to take off the rest of my clothes. This man was going to see me naked. I don’t consider myself beautiful and I am overweight but I felt completely comfortable and relaxed. He kissed me, and again worked his way around my body, he sucked my nipples gently, I asked him to suck harder and he obliged. I was in such a state of intense arousal that I can’t quite remember the order of events. At some point he put on a condom and he slowly entered me. His slow thrusts became faster and more urgent and I had a nice rolling orgasm while looking at him. It was a wonderful connection. After a while we changed position and I was on top. Then he asked me to sit on his face. I was reluctant at first fearful I might suffocate him. He convinced me to try and boy oh boy what a wonderful way to orgasm. I think the people in the next room heard my moans of pleasure. At this point I needed a break!

However, it wasn’t long before I was lying back on top of him moaning pleasurably while he was inside of me. I really enjoyed orgasming in Eric’s arms he made me feel safe and I was able to express myself sexually in a way I hadn’t done for years. The afternoon continued in this pattern for a while. I lost track of the number of orgasms I enjoyed. Eric ensured I was fully satisfied before he himself orgasmed. Afterwards we drank some more wine and lay in each other’s arms a while chatting before we started all over again. The second time around was just as ecstatic as the first. Later before saying good-bye we showered together, kissing and washing each other. It was a lovely and somewhat romantic ending to an exceptional afternoon.

Whilst the physical experience was incredible I also received a lot of personal healing as Eric made me feel desirable and sexy, something I was not receiving in my relationship. If you are considering booking with Eric I cannot recommend him more highly. He is a true gentleman and treats his clients with the utmost respect, consideration and discretion. He has a robust sexual stamina and delights in bringing a woman to orgasm multiple times. He has a lovely hard cock, a gentle touch and a tongue that provides intense orgasms. Whatever your fantasy he will make it happen.

A note of thanks, Lady early 50s

Eric is the consummate European gentleman. He is polite, neat and tidy and has impeccable manners. At our first meeting he arrived with champagne and when leaving gave me some chocolates as a surprise. Eric will meet your every need, he is genuinely interested in making you feel wonderful and relaxed. I can highly recommend Eric as an escort who aims to please.